La Palma Volcano: Dogs are trapped by Lava

La Palma Volcano: Dogs are trapped by Lava

The eruption of the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma has left several dogs trapped by lava, no possibility of rescuing them by land or by helicopter.

But companies and local authorities have collaborated to power to feed the animals trapped by volcanic lava in the mountainous area of ​​Todoque.

A group of dogs stayed inside and around a walled courtyard they receive a visit from drones dropping packages with food and water.

The dogs raise their heads to look and approach the packages, which they open with their teeth and paws to take the food they need so badly, according to the images of a drone provided by one of the companies in charge of the operation.

In a statement, the Cabildo de La Palma thanked the two local companies -Ticom Soluciones and Volcanic Life- for the work of feeding the dogs during the last five days. They are determined to continue as long as security and weather conditions allow.

The companies have been advised by veterinarians who choose the food and decide the appropriate portions for the situation.

The city council said that helicopters can’t fly in the area due to hot air emanating from lava and volcanic ash, which can damage aircraft rotors, so dogs cannot be airlifted at the moment.

They install shelter on La Palma

Elsewhere on La Palma, several people installed a makeshift animal shelter in the courtyard of a school to house hundreds of pets who were made homeless when their owners fled the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which erupted on September 19.

With no end in sight to the flows of molten rock that have devastated almost 600 hectares and some 1,200 buildings on the Canary Island, and that have forced the evacuation of thousands of people, authorities on Tuesday ordered another 700 residents to leave their homes.

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