Who is the one making the smoke bomb? Who would they dog? Who drinks the most? Are your favorite artists more into dancing or hanging out with friends when they go out to a party? Can you imagine what it’s like to date someone Beret or with Chanel? Who extends the party beyond the night? In this report by Karín Herrero for BRESH We will know all the answers.

On April 14, we celebrated LOS40 Primavera Pop at the WiZink Center in Madrid. We were able to enjoy the incredible performances of the artists of the moment on stage… and when we got off, there was an obligatory stop at the Backstage, where our colleague Karín Herrero was waiting for them to ask them the most cheeky questions.

Emilia, Ana Mena, Walls, Marc Seguí, Vicco, Ptazeta, Pablo López and Abraham Mateo they have very different profiles when it comes to partying and worst of all, they couldn’t escape Karín’s microphone. Some did better than others… don’t miss the full report! And if you want to see them pose at the BRESH photocall, go to this photo gallery.

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