FIFA 23 leaks are very common. For example, we recently talked about one that aims to an RTTF SBC and yesterday another came on a possible Premier League showdown. But be careful because the Twitter account @FootSheriff talked about a supposed new trait system, for EA Sports FC, which would vary a lot from the current one and could be very striking.

EA Sports FC Leak – New Trait System

  • The leaker himself compares them to NBA 2K23 badges. It looks like they could give players Major gameplay benefits and even unique animations.
  • would appear in the transfer market (so we can buy them).
  • we would have of the different types of functionalities: Base and Icon (although icon traits have no relation to old player icon cards).
  • It seems like the traits would be divided into seven distinct categories: shooting, passing, defending, dribbling, physical, another related to goalkeepers and one specific to FUT gameplay.
  • Discuss the example of the “Teamwork” trait, which would give extra stamina to all players. Therefore, I suspect that some of these traits would not only influence the footballer who wears them, but could also affect their teammates.
  • It looks like it would be a developing system, so maybe I could still change a lot.

From the information provided by the leaker, it seems difficult to guess what the keys to this supposed EA Sports FC trait system would be and how much it would influence Ultimate Team. But At first glance, I think this could be quite a noticeable change. in game mode.

my impression First of all is that could greatly increase the importance of a hitherto secondary aspect. Because the Quality Shot and Outside Shot traits are interesting, but most of the current traits are not very decisive in the gameplay.

Traits in FIFA 23 are pretty secondary. The filtered system could give value to a mechanic that is not very important at the moment.

If for EA Sports FC creasen such a comprehensive trait system with so many categories, I feel it could greatly influence gameplay. And that would be one more element to take into account when choosing players for our squad. This would give even more depth to the creation of the teams.

Besides, This would be another aspect by which to differentiate some cards from others in Ultimate Team. Because the leak doesn’t specify whether all traits could be purchased from the market or some would be exclusive to certain players. But if the second happened, it would put some footballers ahead of others.

For example, let’s say high quality players like Modric or Xavi Hernández have a trait that can’t be bought on the market and that increases the completion rate of their teammates if they are providing the assist. GOOD Although by the statistics they are similar to other alternatives, with this quality they could make the difference.

We might also have special types of cards that, by possessing certain traits, can perform some specific type of watermark. It would also mean an advantage for some players over others. So we would have to see how this system would be applied in Ultimate Team for EA Sports FC, but First of all I believe that could make the gameplay even deeper and more engaging.

FUT FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Second Anniversary
Just as events like FUT Birthday are all about enhancing your players’ stars, at EA Sports FC we could host festivities based on giving your players valuable traits.

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