If you are gamers Genshin Impact and you run out of 5 star characters, surely you can’t wait for those characters to reappear in the promo banner to shoot for them. Although, well, Eula’s case is special, because she hasn’t been brought back for a thousand years and this has caused many complaints, which is normal, of course. This is precisely what the post that I bring you today is about.

And it is that the number of times that 5-star characters appear in Genshin Impact They are often the subject of debate within the community, especially when there are certain characters who have not appeared for months and months, and others who have not appeared for less time, but have their replay.

Characters that repeated in Genshin Impact

This happened Reddit where a user shared a curious statistic he put together himself that talks about how many times each character has appeared in a promotional banner (which are the limited ones):

  • As you can see, the most repeated are the first two Archons in the game next to Xiao, Tartaglia there To hire, in the case of 5 star characters
  • But the ones that appeared the least are Scaramouche, that you haven’t had your first replay yet, and Alhacen next to Beizhu, which logically could not reappear because even Beizhu will soon be available for the first time
  • Removing these characters and those that ended up in the promotional banner, the other characters that follow only appeared twice, with Eula being the most striking, as she is the one that has been available the longest of the characters on the roster where twice appeared

What do you think of this statistic? Amazing? Well, let’s see if that serves as a call to hand over Eula, which is costing them dearly.

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