The security camera in a parking lot captured the moment when three men stole a piece of the work truck of a Cuban resident in the city of Miami.

America Tevé presented the moment when the trio of thieves parked next to the truck to steal the piece. The criminals did not notice the camera, since in no time they covered their faces.

Thomas Carrillo, owner of the affected vehicle, told the US media that the thieves took the catalytic converter, a part that reduces emissions and has a cost of hundreds of dollars in the illegal market for having rare metals such as palatine, palladium and rhodium.

“It is an abuse, because I work from 7 to 7 every day so that these abusers come to steal parts from my truck,” said the completely angry Cuban.

The Miami-Dade County Police launched an investigation and therefore asked the population to provide accurate data to the High Crime line 305-471-8477 to locate the whereabouts of this gang of thieves.

A few days ago, Citizen Joseph Antonio Pereira appeared in bail court for stealing the catalytic converter from a white truck in Hialeah.

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