UNITED STATES has become one of those examples of meme mode where you can search for the meaning of a word like ‘hypocrisy‘ to the dictionary and find a photo of the territory. Indeed, this is not the first time that the country of great freedoms has sought look away from your real problems to shift the blame into a focus that is easier to attack. In this case, it seems that some centers have questioned the ethics of “Assassination Classroom”, as the manga began to be phased out.

Assassination Classroom, the culprit of the shooting in the USA?

Then I leave you with all the details of the controversy that sparked ANN today, but the truth is that it already makes me laugh:

  • There are several schools in the United States, especially in Florida, that have started removing the Assassination Classroom manga from their libraries. Gifford Secondary School is one of the main examples of schools that pulled the manga after having thus some interested groups will require it.
  • Jennifer Pippin, the highest representative of the group Moms for Liberty, said that given the recent school shootings in the United States ‘he doesn’t want students to think it’s okay to kill their teachers‘. It is commendable that he managed to complete his sentence without losing his last remaining neuron.
Watch them promote all the shootings in America, murderers!
  • On the other hand, the group Citizens Defending Freedom claimed through Kristen Huber, Director of National Communications, that ‘we should all agree that violence towards teachers as well as explicit sexual content is something that schools should not glorify or promote‘.
  • In Pender County, North Carolina, the manga has been described as a work that teaches students how to kill teachers. Obviously, foreign teachers are particularly concerned about this.

It’s because of things like this that The USA is not about to change, and for which shootings will take place in schools, malls, on the same street and wherever guns continue to be freely distributed. Because in the rest of the world, “Assassination Classroom” can be played smoothly and without any kind of shooting. Because “Assassination Classroom” has been published in its entirety for almost 5 years in the USA, and yet now it’s a problem. Less crying and more trouble looking really in the eyes.

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