Sony’s new VR glasses sold just under 300,000 units at launch

I must admit that I have never experienced or tried virtual reality myself. I didn’t have a VR headset on my head, and that’s something that saddens me because I think I would like it a lot. That’s why when they announced PS VR2 I said that yes or yes I was going to catch them. I was very convinced, wow, and more because they announced features and novelties that these glasses had compared to those of the PS4.

However, when the price was announced, I think the same thing happened to me as everyone else: I backed off and didn’t end up buying them. And this, as I say, is something that It’s happened to a lot of players, because as you can read in the title, it is clear that PS VR2 sold very few units. And it could indicate that soon They should lower the price of glasses according to a well-known analyst.

They need to lower the price of PS VR2

They were companions of VGC those who echoed an analyst of IDC, concretely Francois Geronimo, who is vice president of data and analytics for the company:

  • It turns out that, since its release, IDC makes sure that PS VR2 only sold 270,000 units worldwide, that although it seems like a good amount, in terms of global sales, it’s not much
  • It shows that you had fairly loose ground
  • On the one hand, it ensures that users around the world face rising prices, cost of living and also layoffs, which is why virtual reality is the least important in the economic sphere for many players.
  • On another side, Geronimo he says that they have to lower the price if they want to avoid catastrophe”, because sales will now stagnate and, if so, it would be a total failure for sony and their PS VR2

What do you think of the price of the PS VR2? Is this the real culprit behind the low sales of the device, or is it rather that the community is not so interested in virtual reality?

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