They revealed new chats about Diego Maradona's hospitalization and Dalma exploded:

They revealed new chats about Diego Maradona’s hospitalization and Dalma exploded: “What else is missing to get Matías Morla into the cause?”

The private conversations of the medical corps linked to the last days of Diego Maradona they continue to talk. While waiting for Diego’s cell phones to be examined, something that will happen from this Friday, the successive leaks of the audios revealed a few irregularities around the operation for a hematoma on his head and subsequent home intervention to which the star was subjected .

On this occasion, the talk involved the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov and the psychologist Carlos Diaz, two of the defendants in the case for Diego’s death, including his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, and the nurses Dahiana Madrid and Carlos Almiron. And the one that exploded in the networks was Dalma Maradona, the eldest daughter of Diego and Claudia Villafañe. The actress echoed the dialogue between professionals, and pointed against her main enemy: the lawyer Matías Morla, the last proxy of his father.

While resting for having tested positive for coronavirus, Dalma referred to the conversation they published Page 12 e Involved in everything and what grouped Rodrigo Lussich in Intruders. In the cycle of America, the journalist related an audio message that Díaz sent to Cosachov, prior to the first meeting with one of the star’s daughters: “Tomorrow I’m going to meet with Gianinna to find out about Diego’s past, see what he took , which did not take, bla bla bla”, reported the psychologist, who continued with the data that directly links him with Morla.

Dalma Maradona's messages after meeting new chats involving Matías Morla

Dalma Maradona’s messages after meeting new chats involving Matías Morla 

“You are probably going to ask me where I came from. I tell him that you called me, that we knew each other because I work in addictions and you considered that a psychologist was missing. Because if I tell him of one that it is through Matías, I lose all authority for them and whatever I say is going to suck an egg”, Diaz analyzed, and had the support of his colleague. “Excellent, obviously, from the environment I considered you to be the best option”, endorsed the psychiatrist.

But what ended up enraging Dalma was a comment from Díaz to the psychiatrist: AndIf Diego goes well, this may be something that will remain for posterity. Either we lose our registration and go to Cana or we are demigods “he commented. The member of A Perfect Day (Metro 95.1) joined the two sentences and published her download on her Instagram account.

“Here are the SEMIDIOUS liars hdp, but thanks Carlos for giving us the information of who hired you … We all know what Matías is talking about, right?He asked, underlining the name Matías in the text and responding in the same image: “How long until Matías Morla is involved in the case?”

Agustina Cosachov and Carlos Díaz, Diego Maradona's psychiatrist and psychologist. EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / Archive

Agustina Cosachov and Carlos Díaz, Diego Maradona’s psychiatrist and psychologist.

In other publications, the actress clarified that what was published in the media “are the chats that justice has,” and clarified that she plans to continue with her position until justice is served. “I’m never going to stop putting things in until those who have to go go to jail! If it fucks you up, don’t follow me … BECAUSE I’M NOT GOING TO STOP “, Hill.

Dalma had already been very hard on Luque after listening to the audios that the neurosurgeon sent on the day of Diego Maradona’s death, when he was going to the house of Tigre where the idol was fulfilling the home stay. Alienated, after listening to the different expressions that the doctor used when talking about the health of her father, who was trying to be revived for those minutes, the actress expressed herself on her social networks, where she also pointed out against Matías Morla for having introduced him to Fight your dad.

Luque, you are a hdp and I hope justice is done “, was the first thing the actress wrote on her Instagram account. “But let’s not ignore that the person who introduces him to my father, hires him and paid him a salary is Matías Morla,” he emphasized, reinforcing the media and judicial war that he maintains with whoever was his father’s lawyer and attorney. Later, he admitted: “I I just listened to the audios between Luque and the psychiatrist and I vomited “. And he exclaimed: “All I ask of God is that Justice be done and let all those who have to pay pay”.

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