An Apple Watch Series 7 user revealed that his smartwatch exploded after suddenly overheating, causing it to start burning.

The person commented that his Apple Watch had not presented any blow or accident when suddenly it began to emit greater heat than usual. That was how, after taking it off and inspecting it, he discovered that the rear part was broken despite not having received any type of impact.

At this point, the rise in temperature was such that watchOS itself, the watch’s operating system, displayed a warning notification about the need to turn it off to try to regulate its temperature.

All this led the user, whose name has not been revealed, to try to contact Apple support to find out what was happening. In this way, he was able to talk by phone with a support manager who was in charge of creating a report to carry out an in-depth investigation of his case.

At this point, the only instructions he received were not to touch the watch until contacted by the Apple staff.

However, the situation did not improve, and the next day the heat radiating from the watch was such that the screen had been destroyed. When the owner of the Apple Watch tried to pick it up to take pictures of it to try to send them to Apple, the device began to make “crackling sounds,” which caused him to drop it seconds before it exploded.

After this, he spoke again with Apple personnel who informed him that his case would have top priority and that it would be taken care of. Later, company workers went to his house to remove the remains of the equipment and move them to its offices to carry out tests and find out what was the cause that led to this accident.

It is necessary to point out that this would be the first known case in which one of Apple’s smartwatches suffers a catastrophic failure of this type. It is foreseeable that once the company manages to identify if the accident was the product of a previously undetected problem, it will release the information.

This is extremely important considering that hundreds of thousands of people bought the Apple Watch Series 7, and they could be at risk.

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