San Diego is an important tourist port that each year receives dozens of cruises from different places, however, this year there has been a considerable decrease in this type of trip as 11 cruises have been canceled.
This affects some people who had already bought their ticket, had their days off planned and who have barely been notified of the decision, which was made because some companies did not have enough workers.
Princess Cruise ships were the ones that suffered the cancellation due to some labor challenges such as the shortage of trained officers and seafarers, as a cruise ship can need hundreds of employees, unlike a cargo ship that only requires 20. .

About 15% of seafarers come from Russia and Ukraine, according to a 2021 report by the International Chamber of Shipping. The war between the two countries has exacerbated the labor shortage.
Fewer visitors arriving at the port of San Diego affects local businesses that regularly see an increase in sales every time a ship makes a stop on the city’s shores.

The vice president of the Port of San Diego, Michael LaFleur, hopes that things in the industry will change and challenges will be overcome, as cruise ships know how to face situations with resilience.

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