There is very little left for dead island 2 go to the market. It seemed like it would never happen, because it was announced 8 years ago and since then they have only listened problems and more problems with the development of the project. On more than one occasion, the community was convinced that it had been canceled or was going to be canceled. But look at it he will go to the market Against all odds. But its development issues led the community to have a negative view of the game.

Many players, including myself, thought that the quality of dead island 2 After so many years of development and so many problems, this was going to be, at best, questionable. That it wasn’t going to live up to what the first installment was and that it would probably be repetitive, boring, and full of bugs. Well, I didn’t play it, but a lot of the press around the world did, and I bring you the opinion of each.

The overall opinion of Dead Island 2

As you know, the portal par excellence to see what the press thought of a game is Metacritic. So, I bring you the average rating and some press comments from this page. It is important to mention that I will tell you about the PS5 version, since it is the version analyzed by the majority of press media.

  • Your average score is and 75 It’s not a very high rating, but it’s not low enough to say it’s a very bad game
  • Despite this remark, almost every opinion you read says the following:
    • It’s not a great game, but yes it’s very funny
    • It is a title that does not waste your time and allows you to keep busy and have fun with the activities it offers at all times
    • Of course, it still retains the essence of the first dead island, mixing the ironic and the parodic with the brutal and the gore, in a lot of very funny unbridled action
  • In conclusion, what I have seen repeated the most is that This is a game that has had very low expectations, which surprised him for good and I liked it a lot

Sober Dead Island 2

I remind you that this game will be released next April 21 For PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. The title’s PS Store reads like this: “Welcome to HELL-A. The city of Los Angeles has been transformed into a hellish concrete jungle and its population, now transformed into disgusting zombies, seems to have an insatiable appetite for humans. In this vast and bloody RPG, you will cross locations Los Angeles icons, complete missions and meet quirky survivors while enjoying an incredibly visceral story.”

How to buy it at the best price

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