NEW JERSEY – To travel is to live.

Unless you’re a New Jersey resident, traveling by car can be extremely frustrating as the Garden State has so many freeways. Some of them are winding. Some of them have nightmares. While others are constantly in need of repairs.

With that in mind,, the website of New Jersey’s largest newspaper, “The Star-Ledger,” researched the 25 worst freeways in the nation’s most densely populated state.

The list was compiled with the help of social media readers. Scroll down to see which freeway is the most hated stretch of road in the Garden State.

25. I-195

24. Route 37

23. Route 73

2. Route 4


20. Route 17

19. Route 55

18. I-80

17. Route 18

16. Route 3

15. Garden State Parkway

14. Route 46


12. Route 440

11. Route 21/Mccarter Highway

10. Atlantic City Freeway/Route 42


8. I-287

7. Route 1


5. Route 9

4. Route 139/Pulaski Skyway

3. The New Jersey Turnpike

2. Course 1/9

1. Route 22

For more details on why the routes got the rankings they did, click here.

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