Death threat” frame a before and after in the world of animeIt is an undeniable fact. The story featuring Light Yagami, also known as Kira, placed this kind of anti-hero in front of L, a “detective” of great brilliance despite his youth. Throughout its dozens of episodes, we find a Endless brain games and strategies which made the anime an absolute delight. Today I am making a list of anime similar to “Death Note” by which to save these feelings.

The truth is that at the level of “mind games”, the world of anime has left us with many representatives of quality, in one way or another. That’s why in this list of anime similar to “Death Note” you can find a series of productions such as the following:

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

For many, the truly magnetic aspect of “Death Note” was in Light Yagami Anti-Hero Figure, as well as in all the mental battles he has worked out to be able to carry out his plans. For many, in “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”, we find the closest thing to the anime industry to see a character like Light.

In the case of “Code Geass”, we see that the one with the singing voice is Lelouch Lamperouge, and shares this same mission of Light to revolutionize the world through a series of plans that he gives one, two, three and the necessary turns. Likewise, both also have a series of “special” abilities that, together with their measures, cause on many occasions they are closer to the role of a villain than a traditional hero.

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi“, “Disappeared” in Spain, tells us the story of Satoru Fujinuma, a man who has a most particular ability: travel to the past when you are in a life or death situation (In order to avoid the negative side of the incident).

What makes it a production in the list of anime similar to “Death Note” is that in one of his journeys, he must not only prevent the death of his mother at the hands of a murderer, but also that of a group of children who a few days ago he was kidnapped and murdered. However, even knowing what is to come, Fujinuma will have to handle them as well as his child form will mean many difficulties.

death parade

death parade“It’s an anime that, in its essence, is constantly working on the human condition and how it copes with adversity. In the anime, we will visit Decim’s bar, which is in a kind of intermediate point between life and death that recently deceased people access.

Through various games that will take place in the bar, it will be determined whether the soul of these people can reincarnate or disappear into nothingness.. In anime similar to “Death Note”, it’s the one that deals with the least linear story (although it’s still present), instead opting for unique stories in order to show all sorts of different sides of the To be human.


Freak” is an anime whose title begins to make sense as the episodes go by, and not precisely because any kind of paranormal creature comes into play. In this example of an anime similar to “Death Note” we will find a narrative that revolves around two ideas: the consequences of his actions and a series of murders that must be clarified before it is too late.

“Monster” has already earned its place among the most respected anime in the industryand it is that the oppressive journey in which it places Kenzo Tenma, a Japanese surgeon, is certainly difficult to forget.

Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass” is an anime that places us in a futuristic society where the law is governed by one element: the ‘Psycho-Pass’. This kind of mental meter helps to determine when a citizen is able to become a criminalalthough what at first appears to be a mechanism to satisfactorily prevent evil ends up becoming a double-edged sword.

Who decides what is good and what is bad? Is the ‘Psycho-Pass’ an infallible and irrefutable tool? All these doubts and many more will gradually develop into one of the anime similar to “Death Note” that is still active today.

Mirai Nikki

In “Mirai Nikki“The violence goes up a further piston given the frenetic nature of its plot: a group of teenagers receives a diary (each of them) which has a unique ability, and which is to be able to predict the future. Using this tool, said group will enter a game of survival in which the last one standing will manage to become a god.

Logically, “Mirai Nikki” will leave us with lots of death and twists which will surprise constantly around the corner. One of the works of anime similar to “Death Note” for which you have to have the most stomach.

Mirai Nikki

Zankyou no terror

“Zankyou no Terror” earns its place in anime similar to “Death Note” for various reasons, being the first one also found here a teenager who makes all of Japan lose his mind, especially the government.

To be a little more precise, in “Zankyou no Terror” we find ourselves up to two young terrorists who take control of a prototype atomic bomb, which logically causes a general panic. What we’ll discover as the episodes progress is that his actions have meaning far beyond simply generating terror.


Although in “Durarara!!” we will find action moments quite different from the majority of anime similar to “Death Note”, the truth is that his treatment of the story makes him indispensable in this select group.

In “Durarara!!” we’ll meet conflicts between gangs as one of the drivers of their actionbut what will really make the weight of the story will be the individual stories of the characters, their opinions and certain dialogues to which it will be necessary to be particularly attentive so as not to lose a single iota of information.


an out

A baseball anime in an anime list similar to “Death Note”? “One outs” has the honor of being on this list because of its curious premise: Toua Tokuchi, the anime’s protagonist, will be involved in a “One Outs” competition, a simplified version of baseball in which only a pitcher and a batter participate..

However, the curious thing in terms of sports does not end there, but rather goes further depending on the contract on which Tokuchi will play: for every batter he goes out, he will get 5 million yen, but he will lose a total of 50 million yen if he allows a run to score on him. Seeing the scenario, it is more than obvious that the psychological warfare that Tokuchi will be a part of will be a constant.

an out

Anime similar to Death Note: Honorable Mentions

As I pointed out, there are plenty of anime whose psychological approach can be reminiscent of “Death Note” in some way. Therefore, below I share some more names that we could have perfectly included in this list of anime similar to “Death Note”:

  • No game no life
  • Detective Conan
  • ErgoProxy

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