As you know, Naughty Dog is currently working on a multiplayer title based on The Last of Us, which has already been described as the biggest project in the studio’s history, but Neil Druckmann has revealed that the other side project is also in preparation for.

The Game Awards account recently asked its followers what their favorite Naughty Dog game was, and the responses were immediate, with people voting for everything from The Last of Us: Part II to old Jak & Daxter titles. . Naughty Dog’s own director, Kurt Margenau, working on the new secret game and also wanted to comment. He replied thus:

It’s unclear if it’s referring to the studio’s next title, which will likely be The Last of Us project, or if it’s their next title (the Secret Game). Either way, the expectation is growing and we hope to see more as soon as possible.

By the way, which Naughty Dog game is your favorite?

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