The perfect opportunity to get one is presented in advance if you haven’t already

The movie Super Mario Bros. has already gone out with a series of divided opinions; although it is true that my buddy Javi liked it a lot and I am going to the cinema with a lot of confidence this afternoon compared to the idea that I will like it too. But beyond that, Nintendo is taking advantage of the film’s premiere in cinemas to make discounts on certain Super Mario and company video games. Then I leave you with the first round for that you can take advantage of these offers in case you don’t have any.

First round of Super Mario game sales on the Nintendo Switch eShop

These discounts will be available until April 19; when a second set of discounts will be established, which I will tell you about in due course. For now, let’s go with the first four games at a discount:

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

If you like 3D Super Mario video games, you have to get this yes or yes. Not only because it includes the full game released for Wii U (which is considered one of the best in the console’s catalog), but also because it comes with the expansion that was released when it was released. on Nintendo Switch and that points in a design direction that could already reveal what the saga would look like on a playable level in the future.

Super Mario Maker 2

Creating a new two-dimensional Super Mario from scratch no longer makes sense because of Super Mario Maker 2. It’s the quintessential plumber’s level editor, full of possibilities and with the ability to share your levels and take advantage of those created by the community. An almost endless game.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Jelly

The latest game in the Donkey Kong saga has been revered by many people. So much so that it’s the only one of the four that I don’t have and I probably will as soon as I stop writing this article.

Yoshi’s craft world

Nintendo always takes advantage of Yoshi’s video games to give them an original design and try new things with the character, which is no exception with this opus. I played it in its time and I assure you that it is really worth it.

Well here you have all the information on this first round of sales on the eShop at the premiere of the new Super Mario Bros. movie. What do you think?

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