Although it was rumored to be in June, now this famous insider insists it will be in May

PlayStation Showcase rumors have been rife for quite some time. My guess is that players’ desire to see what they’re working on on PlayStation is combined with the fact that an official stream is already underway. Unfortunately, always sony He didn’t say anything about it. so it remains a secret when this event will take place. Of course, most rumors have the same credibility as a 3 euro coin, but there are exceptions, according to the source.

When a rumor comes from a journalist known to have a large number of contacts and to have managed to leak a lot of information related to video games in the past, then it is more or less reliable. Although, as always, I insist that Let’s take all of this information with a grain of salt. and wait until sony say something official to believe it with 100% certainty. That said, let’s see what’s new in the upcoming PlayStation Showcase!

¿PlayStation Showcase in mayo?

This happened Reddit who echoed the statements of Jeff Grubb.

  • Jeff Grubb He’s a well-known journalist who, as I said before, is well known for leaking a lot of information related to video games over the past few years
  • Well, in recent statements you said that a PlayStation showcase will be announced for February
  • Specifically, he said: “It’s safe to say that a PlayStation Showcase will take place in May”

Unfortunately, He said nothing else. only that he is sure it will be in May. This contradicts rumors that it will be in June, when most of the events will take place. What do you think, will it be released in May or June? Or won’t there be a PlayStation Showcase for a while?

What to expect from the next PlayStation Showcase

Well, what is almost certain is that there will be Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay and release date. However, we also expect to see some Marvel’s Wolverines and many other games that are in development and nothing is known about, like The Last of Us: Factions oh Horizon’s multiplayer game.

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