FIFA 23: Today’s 10 Coin Pack is back in the Ultimate Team Store!

FIFA 23: Today’s 10 Coin Pack is back in the Ultimate Team Store!

The special versions were not the main protagonists of this Friday, April 21, since just arrived a new SBC track. But we have a lot of free content in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, like milestones that allow get an insured TOTS oh those related to an online tournament.

And in addition to the challenges to obtain free to play envelopes, it should be noted that the 10-piece pack is back in the shop. For this small amount, this time we will receive three unique non-transferable gold players. And we don’t have any special event releases in packs yet, but at least they’ll be an opportunity to bargain some stockings by spending a pittance.

I suppose that “the 10-piece energized envelope” will reappear every day at seven o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time. And I say this because, in addition to the fact that the current one will only be available for twenty-four hours, in the menu we see a message that they will be daily. So the logical thing is that there is one every day during the current TOTS warm-up series.

Due to this message that we can see in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team menu, the logic is that a ten coin pack arrives every day.

Remember that on the Telegram broadcast channel We notify you when we upload content related to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. And there I leave you the tier list of recent Icons and Heroes SBCs. Cheers!

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