Without a doubt, rustling waves This raises a lot of expectations among players. But of course there are others who have crossed it with this game because they say it is a copy of Genshin Impact. If you ask me, the inspiration is more than obvious, but just as I think Genshin has been copied in many things from Zelda: Breath of the Wild And that’s not why I think it’s a bad game. On the contrary, I think Genshin it’s a real game.

And I think that rustling waves he will ask for it too. In terms of character and enemy design, it’s absolutely insane. But it’s that the animations, both fighting and jumping, the mechanics and others seem very attractive to me in the genre. But there are still a lot of things to know about this title, and one of them was see what your card would look like. Fortunately, there is already a part of the community that has started to play its closed beta.

The Howling Waves Map

As I mentioned, Wuthering Waves closed beta has already started, through which many details are revealed. the good of Kovak, known for sharing a lot of information about Genshin Impact, was encouraged to do the same with the title of Kuro Game, so I bring you the map that he himself shared:

  • What is clear is that the map is big enough
  • Yes surely this is a limited version since it is part of the beta, not the final game
  • Added to this is the fact that, as happens in other games like Genshin Impact oh Fantasy Tower, More slots will be unlocked over time making the map a good game as a service

What do you think of the map so far? I like it, although we’ll have to delve into it ourselves to see how well-designed it is.

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