The US government is concerned about the sudden increase in Covid cases in China and the lack of transparency from the Beijing government, which is why it is considering imposing restrictions on travelers arriving from the Asian nation, official sources reported.

“There is growing concern in the international community about the ongoing Covid-19 surges in China and the lack of transparent data, including viral genomic sequence data, being reported from the People’s Republic of China,” US officials told the ABC News network.

The sources, who requested anonymity, specified to this medium that “without this data it is increasingly difficult for public health officials (in the US) to ensure that they will be able to identify any potential new variant (of Covid) and take immediate measures to reduce its spread.

They also noted that public health officials in the US have shared with colleagues in other countries “their concerns about this situation and possible steps that can be taken to monitor the increase in Covid cases effectively and identify any possible variants.” that is worrisome.”

The World Health Organization, Japan, India and Malaysia have also expressed concern about the situation in China, officials were told by ABC News.

Therefore, “the United States has decided to follow science and the advice of public health experts, consulting with partners and considering taking measures to protect the American people,” conclude the sources cited by the chain.

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