Having 70% of the population vaccinated is a goal many countries have been marked. Spain has repeated it until exhaustion by the end of summer, but the United States wants to advance that achievement by at least two months, so that that percentage of citizens (160 million people) have at least one dose by the weekend of July 4.

To get there, in the United States it seems An increase in the rate of vaccination is essential, which is gradually losing strength as a large part of the population at risk has already received the dose. Is now young and undecided with vaccination, and for them Joe Biden and his team have devised a plan with which to encourage to this sector of the population.

The measure is striking, in addition to bonuses or monetary payments as a reward, this promotion of vaccination is also carried out with free items such as beer, marijuana, or desserts and pastries, such as donuts.

The promises and gifts of the states for the vaccinated

No expense will be spared if this attracts the entire population and gets them to go for vaccination. The initiatives are of all kinds, from a donut free daily for a whole year up to one marijuana cigarette. Some of the last to join have been Maryland and New Jersey, since the first has offered 83 euros ($ 100) to state employees to get the dose, and the second state free beer to those over 21 who come to get the injection in this month of May.

In New York, meanwhile, the group Joints for Jabs gave a joint for a day to anyone who had taken at least one dose of the vaccine, also celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana. OR the city’s National History Museum offers four tickets for those who go there to get vaccinated. In other words, we are talking about the involvement of public and private companies or state proposals, from all areas.

As it has been named, Maryland is one of those that offers monetary incentives, and has already announced that more than 50,000 state employees will receive those $ 100 if they prove to be immunized and agree to continue receiving booster vaccines in the future. In Virginia, this amount has also been promised for people between the ages of 16 and 35. Or even banks offer money for their employees.

Regarding the products, like beer, desserts or donuts, private companies are giving away or offering discounts in what they sell, from supermarkets to car chains.

This is how vaccination progresses in the United States

When these types of initiatives are promoted, it is because it is being noticed that little by little the rate of vaccination is falling. For example, In the second week of April, a peak of 3.3 million daily doses was reached, and yet last week the average was 2.2 million daily doses, that is, 32% less.

More than 50% of the adult population, 56%, have already received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the country, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But slowing down the pace prevents you from reaching herd immunity. The requirement of a prior appointment will be eliminated, more doses will be sent to pharmacies and more health personnel will be hired in rural areas.

It is estimated that between 70% and 85% of the American population should be vaccinated to achieve immunity, but in turn 25% of adults could be considering not getting vaccinated. This is another reason why the vaccination process is being encouraged in all ways. A) Yes, on July 4 it will be possible to celebrate what Joe Biden has cataloged as “the day of independence from the virus”, a play on words with the holiday that already corresponds to that day.

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