I never thought a company would use gaming technology for this type of practice

When I say humanity never ceases to amaze me I say that for better and for worse many times over but if I focus on how the world of video games is able to cross its own borders to permeate other areas of life, it’s usually almost always positive. The case that I report to you in this article is more a curiosity than something that This is going to be crucial for the future but, at the very least, it is worth paying attention to.

The thing is, a fertility center gave the PS5 DualSense a use no one expected, as collected by Kotaku portal companions. Then I leave you with all the details about the whole move so you can understand exactly what I’m talking about.

PS5’s DualSense as a way to spawn humans

  • The story was collected in the MIT portalgiven that the process in question represents an innovation in the field of technology
  • The thing is the New Hop fertility center located in New York has carried out an approach that would be a pioneer in its field
  • This consists of having made method of artificial insemination using a robot
  • Here is the curious thing: the robot was controlled by an engineering student using a PS5 DualSense
  • What is the reason for all this? The center wanted to develop a technology that would significantly reduce the costs of the artificial insemination process by designing a system in which almost anyone can operate the robot that performs it
  • Children who were conceived in this experimental process were recently born safe and sound

It’s amazing how video games are being used lately in other areas of technology in ways that were previously unthinkable. What will be next? Flying a space rocket with a PS5 controller? From time to time. What do you think of all this movement?

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