As we all know, we have just over a week left to revisit Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but it looks like Nintendo has met Malice much earlier than expected with the leaks, and these For the past 48 hours, the internet and streaming platforms have been flooded with videos and streams of various people playing the early hours of the game, of course without permission.

It looks like there are even physical copies floating around, and it’s also been confirmed that the game has been emulated to run on PC, which of course also raises the risk of more spoilers before we get to the official release.

This theft (to Nintendo, for its ownership, and to players who wanted to reach launch without having to dodge data that spoiled the experience) will surely lead Nintendo to impose a severe and exemplary punishment on those responsible, as it has already done with Gary Bowser now who has been released from prison.

From Gamereactor, we strongly recommend that you avoid direct entry, videos and other leaked content, so ‘mutate’ all words that may be related to the game. It’s only 9 more days. Don’t let anyone ruin your experience.

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