Clela went to Debate on temptations of this Tuesday, February 21, to comment on how she had experienced the first kiss with Adrián.

The temptress explained that the chemistry between the two was unmistakable from the first moment. That a friendship was born between them first, as the two could develop into their most childlike and playful roles.

Just as they came to admire each other for their ability to empower themselves: he to her as a woman, and she to him to get out of the pit she was in.

But Adrián was not her only support in the villa, but rather all the companions surprised her, above all, when she called them together to explain the following: “I’m a trans woman, I’m an ‘m’ to ‘r’ woman, and nothing and no one is going to bring me down. I’m proud to be here, that’s why I came, to lead the way.”

Keyla, in ‘Island of Temptations 6’ / media play

The naturalness and affection with which they welcomed her past was something she did not count on. Indeed, Keyla explained that she was very scared before entering reality: “I didn’t expect five such different guys to step into my shoes, at least for a while.and they didn’t care exactly the same.”

The temptress admitted to suffering a lot of “hate” on the networks, which ask her if Adrián knew when he kissed her. There is the answer and Sandra Barneda also supported her participation: “You have to continue to open up ways, as you are good and you have been in the program”, he ruled.

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