Less than 48 hours separate us from Ana Mena’s new single for her Bellodrama era: Me he pillao x ti It will hit the platforms on February 24. with a very special guest as collaborator, Natalia Lacunaa dream come true for thousands of fans who have witnessed the singers’ exchanges on social networks and their coincidence in different events for months.

Last Sunday, the two announced their collaboration with a video in which they could be seen in the recording studio the day Natalia recorded their vocals for the song. and just a few hours ago they let us see a snippet of the music video and listen to a new track from their studio release.

lots of glitter

As has already happened in the first video published, that of Estepona knows how to play its cards very well and pSo far, we’ve only been able to hear his voice in the song, which keeps expectations high around La Navarra parties. In the fragment of the video clip shared, we can see our favorite Italian from Malaga lit only by a spotlight that gradually approaches her figure, with a top and a skirt full of sequins that follow the leitmotif of sequins that she has already given us presented with the launch of a classic.

Ana Mena and Natalia Lacunza are both in love with this song and constantly compliment each other on social media: “My God, this video is a pleasure… the definitive moms“, wrote the Navarrese via her Twitter account.

A joint project on which we were able to learn a little more thanks to Secondary account of Ana Mena on Instagramwhere the Aching Diva published a photograph of the two of them after going through the recording studio and where she mainly addressed her “magnificent” fans who will think of their favorites as soon as the song is released: “getting caught is not bad, no one tells us how or with what delays we must feel! Getting caught is good and you have to know how to express it“.

I Caught With You, which premiered live during Ana Mena’s 2022 tour and has been written since April 2021 to tell a true story of the singer after spending a few days on the beach during the first summer pandemic, it will be ours very soon. The time has come to recover your pulse, to emerge from the galactic cocoons and to surrender to love. Our suffering diva tells us so and we will have to listen to her.

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