Resistance It’s one of those shows where you meet new people. Some already knew Ilia Topuria before, but others (surely the vast majority) haven’t had that pleasure. Tuesday evening, the Movistar+ program presented by David Broncano had as a guest “The matador”a true UFC star.

His presence was imposing, especially on a stage as improvised as that of Resistance, but he did it twice when Broncano featured not only the Spanish-Georgian fighter, but also his brother, also a wrestler, Aleksandre Topuria.

During his visit, as one might expect, there were punches, martial arts moves and a heartbroken Broncano What did he do punching ball. “One shot each,” Aleksandr offered. “But I could defend myself, huh,” the presenter warned fearfully, despite the fighter advising him not to.

Despite the friendly lynching, David Broncano dared to free Ilia Topuria his two classic questions. In response to the times he had sex in the past month, the fighter didn’t get too wet and a “I’m not complaining, it’s going great” was enough for him.

However, he provided more details on how much money he has, only that he turned his answer around and revealed the approximate number he takes each month, leaving everyone to shock: “Between 60,000 and 100,000 euros per month”. “Won to pure host,” Broncano commented.

Who is Ilia Topuria?

For those who don’t know him. Ilia Topuria is a well-known star of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship in English), the house that houses the best mixed martial arts fighters from all over the world, that is, MMA.

Mitchell versus Ilia Topuria in the UFC. / Getty

This is not an exaggeration. This fighter German, raised and Georgian who has lived for many years in Alicantecurrently competes in the featherweight and lightweight categories at UF, where he is currently ranked number 9 in the featherweight rankings.

The reason for his presence at La Resistencia is due to the premiere of his own documentary on Movistar+, Matador, which was released this Tuesday evening at the Paz cinemas in Madrid. In this work you can see the crucial role that well-known names such as Omar Montes or Alberto Contador played alongside him and how he was on fighting with Bryce Mitchell (ranked number 11).

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