A wolf like me is not for guys like you-uuuu…

Shakira brought out his wildest side with Shaving In her first live performance of the musical session #53, which took place on the set of the Jimmy Fallon show, where the singer and the producer attended an interview.

The Colombian started the performance by adding a mighty howl who reminds us that she is a real wolf, the same one who sang”a wolf in the closet wants to go out auuuuu” in 2009.

the interpreter of I congratulate you She took over the set with her voice and her gestures, where we saw her very comfortable, sure of herself, happy and independent.

Moreover, he was constantly covered by his fanswho didn’t stop singing the song with her at the top of their voices, chanting every verse of the song.

In turn, Bizarrap was at one end of the set with his mixer, keyboard and laptop, adding the rhythm and special effects of the musical session which wowed viewers.

An anthem for many women

Along with putting on a spectacular show, Shakira also spoke about what this song means to her, which she called “a hymn for many women“.

“I think people really connect with music when it’s really authentic, when it’s real, when it comes from my own situation. The fact is that this song has become an anthem for many women”, proudly expressed the singer.

“I had a very difficult year because of my separation and writing this song was so important to me, It’s been a healthy way to channel my emotions. I feel like after releasing this song, I realized that I didn’t just have fans, i have a sorority that they’ve been through the same things, that they think like me, that they feel like me, that they’ve put up with as much bullshit as me…”, he continued, speaking.

Shakira concluded her feminist speech by assuring that this song is a safe space for many women: “And yes, I wrote this song for myself, but I feel like probably it was meant to be for many women there that they needed a forum and once it represented them in many ways.”

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