I chew, I chew, with what I like Miley Cyrus! The American star has spent fifteen years writing pop history. He did it from all angles, in all ways, and playing all kinds of musical genres. With a blonde wig, riding a disco ball or sucking on a hammer… everything the artist does or says is part of pop history!

This 2023, at the age of 30, Miley Cyrus once again made history. He did it hand in hand Flowersthe first single from his highly anticipated eighth studio album, Endless summer vacation. The song became the fastest song to reach 600 million streams on Spotify. A real barbarism! And it doesn’t surprise us: Miley has produced a pop song that thousands of people have identified with.

Taking into account the numbers you manipulate with Flowes, endless summer vacation — which releases March 10 on all platforms — could become his best musical debut. The singer has returned to the purest pop and it works for her. But Miley, with her last three albums, has proven herself to be one of the most versatile artists of her generation, experimenting with all kinds of styles and giving us some great albums. To warm up before the release of his new album, we review the last three albums of the star. And they are a real wonder!

younger now (2017)

Our first step in this time machine dates back to 2017, when the American star put aside her holiday life and wanted to show herself as a love-loving artist. He did it through the eleven songs that make up Younger Now: the most country album of his career—although all that sound was still covered in a pop vibe—where a Miley happy flower he opened the doors to his heart (which at that time was occupied by Liam Hemsworth in one of his thousand reconciliations).

Younger Now is a real treat for those who have heard his version of Jolene and lilac wine loop — if you don’t know which acoustic sessions I’m referring to, maybe you’re not a big fan of the star and this article isn’t for you — because it’s worth remembering that Miley lived in a house surrounded by countryside. His father, without going any further, is Billy Ray Cyrus, famous composer of this type of music.

Of course, this work could not miss a collaboration with its godmother: Dolly Parton herself. does he do it in rainbowland: a beautiful song dedicated to the LGTBI collective which should be a heritage of humanity —yes, I say it— and which has unfortunately gone unnoticed.

The album leaves us with one of the most romantic and cute songs of his career: Malibu. Of course, maybe now, knowing how their relationship ended, he won’t be so keen on singing it. Special mention also to that younger now with which you open the disc. A declaration of intentions.

She comes (2019)

In 2019, after two years without releasing anything, Miley Cyrus suddenly returns, without warning and with an absolutely stunning EP. She comes it was a reset from his previous stage. As if she had pressed the back button on her tamagotchi to erase all of her earlier country and love-focused era, Miley was back with experimental work.

A liberated Miley – not only from her relationship with Liam, but also musically – returned with six new songs, where she once again demonstrated that she is still one of the current princesses of pop.

Miley has hung out with stars like RuPaul on Cattitude. And it is that the singer has a great gift for showmanship – normal, considering that she grew up between the spotlight – and that she came to serve. And what a way to do it!

If this EP remains in the memories, it is especially the song of mother’s daughter, We must quote one of the most beautiful ballads of the star’s career: Impious.

plastic hearts (2020)

We have already reached 2020 plastic hearts. A Miley with a mule returned in her most rock scene. Influenced by the sound of British bands from the 80s and 90s, the American star gave us one of the roundest and most significant albums of this damn pandemic year.

A job where Miley joined big stars like Dua Lipa in Prisoner o Billy Idol a Crawl at night. great songs like midnight sky oh give me what i want they proved that Miley had a rock soul, too – although her lighthearted, fun demeanor was always more rock star than pop princess – and her voice was perfect for that genre.

In addition, Miley shows us once again what she is capable of in a ballad with angels like you oh never be me. And it is that his voice directly pinches our little hearts.

Of course, we can’t talk about this album without mentioning the incredible version of Zombie by The Cranberries which he recorded live. A real musical gem.

Now Miley returns to pop with Endless Summer Vacation. It does so after embracing other genres in recent years. And it is that getting out of your comfort zone allows you to see things more clearly. And it looks like Miley has everything crystal clear.

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