The reason why Eiza González did not use Makeup in 'Careless, I take care of you'

The reason why Eiza González did not use Makeup in ‘Careless, I take care of you’

“This is my favorite style that I have had in a movie”, declared Eiza González in an interview with Collider where she revealed the reason why her character does not wear makeup: “Our makeup artist is incredible and I felt bad to put her aside, but he didn’t think she should wear makeup. Fran is a woman who does not want to be seen and is very comfortable in her own skin”.

“For me, with my background and the things that make me part of the cast, there is a predisposed idea that I must be beautiful or like some stereotype that they put me and it was exciting that J (Blakeson) agreed that I did not have makeup and it was not because of me, but because it felt like something from Fran as a person,” said the actress.

Something that stands out in the film is the chemistry that exists between Eiza and Rasamund, an element that has been liked by both critics and the general public.

“I never auditioned with Rosamund, but as soon as I met her we had an incredible and immediate connection. Much of that has to do with the respect that we have for each other as actresses and as women and that we have a similar approach to the way we work”.

“It was important to both of us to have a story where the relationship is important, not sexuality, because it is crucial for the third act of the film. The way in which Fran loves Marla is so unique that it is special that people fall in love through her eyes”, she pointed out.

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