Ana Mena: “Crying over the disco is a clear example of what Bellodrama is”

Ana Mena: “Crying over the disco is a clear example of what Bellodrama is”

age BELLODRAMA is officially inaugurated. Ana Mena visited LOS40 to present their first album in 5 years. BELLODRAMA It is a long-awaited work that simmers and flirts with various musical genres to make unique compositions. We find on this album very powerful songs which orbit between pop, reggaeton, bachata, melodic music… and whose lyrics do not lose sight of the double concept of the album nor this seventies aura that runs through it aesthetically.

The artist from Malaga recognizes that Crying at the disco and slowly are two of his favorite tracks, as he confessed Tony Aguilar in this interview LOS40 Global Fair, although he admits that “it was very difficult for him to choose a single on this album” because he wanted all the songs to have the same relevance. As she says herself, it has been “two years of intense work” and it shows when you immerse yourself in her listening. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, from the order of the songs, making sure the album doesn’t rot, to the aesthetics or the production. In fact, throughout the album there is a reminiscence of the 70s and the golden age of Spanish and Italian song, something that is felt in the album cover.

Faithful to the people who trusted him at the start of his career, Bellodrama was produced by Bruno Dabroukwho from the beginning worked with the artist on his first releases.

The big surprise of ‘I got caught by you’ with Natalia Lacunza

The singer also mentioned one of the surprises of the album, her collaboration with Natalia Lacunewhich took place during the dinner of the nominees for LOS40 Music Awards. For her, Ana has nothing but praise: “I love how this song fits Natalia. I will always say that she was one of the artists who made it easy for me during the collaboration. C It was a great luxury to have it,” says LOS40.

“When did you invite Natalia?” Tony asks. “At the LOS40 Music Awards nominees dinner in Mallorca (…) After the dinner and all the nominations were given, that’s when I surprised her as a group. The girl was super willing (.. .) There you can see the result and I think this topic with her brought a lot,” he says.

Lorando in the disco and slowly

On this subject, one of the most emblematic of the album, Ana explains that: “Crying at the disco was a song we wrote for someone who left in a way I didn’t understand. It was flowing very quickly. “It’s the clear example of what Bellodrama is,” Ana says of this perfect song for dancing to the disco and remembering that person who’s no longer in your life.

In regards to Slowlywhich functions as the main track of the album and which was released last Friday March 24, Ana and Tony comment on the entire music video, which was directed by Willy Rodriguez, Regular collaborator of Ana in her audiovisual works.

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