It seemed like one of Marvel’s best-kept secrets, but the movie sequel to one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe finally has a first trailer. And as usual, shows more than meets the eye.

We already knew that this second film would bring together the character played by Brie Larsson with Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, something all the more striking considering the two come from two Disney+ series. The MCU has seen crossovers between movies and series before—Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessFor example-, but this one promises to be much bigger.

One comes from his own series, while the other comes directly from Wanda Vision. We have already warned: the film will not be understood without having seen the two series, indeed, one of the biggest plot twists has a lot to do with the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel. The main connection of the film is that, somehow, the powers of the trio are linked; so if they use them, They swap positions.

The villain of ‘The Marvels’. / disney

So we see that maybe the end of the teenager’s series was not a change of position between them, but a change between the three. Despite this, it’s very clear that they’re facing a threat that Nick Fury will have a hard time dealing with, with a villain who appears to be Ronan’s heir – or at least, carries the same weapon as the villain of guardians of the galaxy—.

Wonders promises a lot of humor, action and more cats —for all those who fell in love with Goose, the kitty of the first part, also present in the film—; in addition to being the gateway to many more plots. This, yes, we will still have to wait until November 2023 to see it.

Wonders opens November 10 in theaters.

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