This collectible figure of Abby is limited to 400 units worldwide and aside from the price, it would be wonderful to display her at home

Prime 1 is a well-known brand in the collectible figurines industry. The brand has great licenses in its possession such as DC Comics, The Witcher, Transformers, Marvel and recently, The Last of Us. It is for this reason that the brand comes announce their first figurine from The Last of Us license, and it is neither more nor less than an incredible recreation of Abby, a character who appears in the second installment of the video game. Here is some images so you can see Prime 1’s good work in recreating the character:

This figurine has many surprises in store, the first is its size, since it is quite large, presenting 58 cm high, 42 centimeters deep and 21 wide, having a total weight of just over 20 kg. Next, Prime 1 presents us with an interchangeable arm, so we can present her either carrying the typical hammer or a Molotov cocktail. The price of the figure? Well, $1099 plus shipping*, be able to book here starts tomorrow. If you are interested, pay close attention because They will only launch 400 units worldwide And the reserves, I tell you from experience, usually run out in seconds.

* It is important for you to be aware that Prime 1 has recently shipped from Europe and we are already paying customs on shipments.

But what is the best figure? that this is the first part of a collection which will also include Ellie in the future, being able to unite the two pieces into one. Ellie will be another figurine that will be purchased later, possibly at the same price and that will arrive with this beautiful composition:

Although it may seem expensive to you, this figure is priced at what collectible resin figures usually cost. Also, we must not forget that this is the first time that the studio has obtained a license from Naughty Dog to make its parts and it is possible that these two figurines will be much upgraded in the future. Do you have money left to test the investment?

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