It looks like we are making progress and soon we will be able to have a playable version that lives up to what a game like this deserves. The Last of Us: Part One In computer. User complaints paid off and the almost 8000 negative reviewslet the game continue To smoke have served for The naughty dog get to work as quickly as possible.

The game went on sale completely broken and indisputable, and that included gamers who had high-performance PCs. You have all the known issues in this post but now I come to talk about the first patch that Naghty Dog released, the Patch V1.0.1.5 which make it much more playable and I will tell you below:

All improvements in patch V1.0.1.5

  • This update is mainly focused on stability improvements
  • improvements of performance and other minor improvements
  • The team is watching closely player reports and actively working on a patch with more bug fixes
  • Fixed various performance and hitch issues affecting some users
  • Note: In progress further improvements and research based on user feedback
  • Added additional information about misdiagnosis to help investigate crashes related to building shaders and other frequently reported stability issues

My new experience with Steam Deck

  • I retested the game after applying the patch V1.0.1.5
  • The game seems to be a little smoother and more playable
  • I set the graphics to medium and the CPU consumption remains at 90% and 12 GB of RAM
  • So far I haven’t found any crashes after finishing the prologue
  • If you want to try the game, it is better to get it and play less than two hours, if it convinces you To smoke he makes the money

It seems that little by little Elijah there Joel they see the light in computerAt the moment the game is already much more playable and a bigger patch is expected soon. I will let you know everything that happens with The Last of Us: Part One In computer.

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