Let’s see how I can circumvent the idea that the PC version of The Last of Us: Part I was a disaster so as not to repeat myself too much with the theme; although, I guess I just mentioned it indirectly, so there’s no need to be cautious. However, despite the fact that Naughty Dog is working piecemeal to fix a port of the game that came out quite broken, it’s the PC modding community I want to focus on here.

The thing is, this community usually brings to life mods in different PlayStation games that come alive on computers, giving a lot to say as they consist of amazing mods or crazy things that border on memes. Also, in this case, what I want to talk about here concerns the first group. You already read it in the title: They made a mod to play The Last of Us: Part I on PC that looks spectacular. I leave you with all the details below so you don’t miss a thing.

Panic with this 1st person mod for The Last of Us on PC The mod in question was shared by the account “Revenge of the Travelers.” The game changes so much that it seems to offer a completely different experience. I’m blown away by the build quality – I feel the camera is perfectly controlled, and the shooting feel is pretty decent. I leave you with a video of the mod below so you can watch it with your own eyes and freak out like I did.

What do you think of this amazing mod for The Last of Us: Part I on PC? I’ll read your thoughts in the comments.

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