Pique and his partners choose to introduce changes to the competition in view of the latest controversies

The success of the league of kings it’s flawless. This seven-a-side football league organized by Kosmos, the company of the former footballer Gerard pricks, brings together tens of thousands of people on Twitch every weekend. A priori, it may seem that all the sessions present a Atmosphere “good atmosphere” in which players and presidents face each other with a good attitude, but that changes over time.

So far, nothing too serious has happened, but last Sunday a series of controversy in various parties (like the Annihiladores against Rayo de Barcelona) which forced Pique and his partners to take action on the matter. Kings League regulations will receive changes immediate, after that I summarize the most important.

News in the Kings League

  • change 1: now there will be four referees per day (before there were three), this way it will be easier to control what happens in areas and benches
  • change 2: only allowed to be 8 people on each bench (5 players, 2 coaches and 1 technical staff member)
  • change 3: except for the coach, on the benches everyone must be seated until the end of the match
  • Change 4: will be introduced VAR back per team per game, one per game (if the first half is not spent, it is lost)
  • change 5: any type of cue on stage the presidential election, be it that of a player or a coach, will lead to a sanction automatic

An attempt to reduce controversy

It seems like Pique and his family are fed up with all the controversy and salsa who hail from every day of the Kings League. Apparently last weekend there was some kind of Threats to Presidents and Organizers of the tournament, and this cannot be allowed. All these changes are the answer to these problems, we have to wait to see if they bear fruit.

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