Chaos on the streets of Compton overnight as sheriff’s deputies say they received hundreds of calls from across the city about illegal races, street takeovers and thefts.

Chaos engulfed the intersection of Central and Alondra Avenues in Compton as cars burned their tires and rounded donut after donut. Shortly after, the group of people are seen moving from the street to this Arco gas station around the corner.

Videos show masked men smashing windows as dozens piled in and eventually forced their way inside, helping themselves to drinks, snacks and whatever else they could get their hands on.

Neighbors who live nearby say they saw the whole scene and it was heartbreaking to watch.

“They do donuts and they had their kids there and it’s not safe for anyone,” said Norrice Hearon, a neighbor. “It’s reckless and it endangers children.”

The Compton Sheriff’s Station said the incident was just a street takeover in the city of Compton on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Another took place in Alondra and Grandee, police say shots were fired and thankfully no one was injured. Another took place in the 800 block of Rosecrans, according to the police, near a laundry which was robbed.

Police also said the thieves broke into two Mexican restaurants near Long Beach and Rosecrans. Now business owners are cleaning up the mess that was left behind. The sheriff’s office said it was investigating the incident and no arrests had yet been made.

Frustrated residents say the takeovers must stop.

“It drives me crazy when they do that and put everyone in danger, I don’t like it,” Hearon said.

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