The canning liquid, why should we use it?

The canning Liquid, why should we use it?

When opening a can of preserves, it is common practice to scoop the liquid up and down the sink or down the drain. Surely more than one of us have ever done it.

One of the reasons for this custom is the belief that this liquid contains preservatives to preserve the food or that they are added fats, but this is not entirely true.Actually, the correct name for this liquid is “cover liquid” and it is usually made up of olive oil or water and salt and nothing else. These simple natural ingredients are enough to keep the preserves protected and perfect. What makes them last over time is the sterilization process, no type of artificial preservative is necessary.

Preserving food soaked in liquid (almost always olive oil) is not exactly a modern practice. The Greeks and Etruscans already used this method and it was during Napoleon’s time that it became more popular, until it became the standard procedure that it is today.

What is this liquid for?

The canning liquid not only serves to protect the food from external agents, but also completes its properties and enhances its flavor, improving it over time. In addition to these purely practical or taste advantages, the covering liquid provides many other benefits that the Frinsa canning company lists:

Instant broth or dressing: the natural canned liquid, made up of water and salt, is a fish or seafood broth with an intense flavor ready to drink or to use in any stew or recipe. In the same way, the olive oil-based covering liquid serves as a perfect dressing for salads, pasta or any other dish that needs an extra flavor. And all ready to drink!

Provides nutritional benefits: the olive oil-based covering liquid adds nutritional benefits to those of the food itself. The Spanish Heart Foundation maintains that olive oil is rich in oleic acid and helps control cholesterol and high blood pressure, reduce the risk of thrombosis and prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

If you do not use it, freeze it !: If you do not need the covering liquid for a recipe or to dress a dish it is not necessary to throw it away, you can freeze it in the ice cubes and save it for future preparation. In this way you will have a natural flavoring always available and ready to use.

Variety of products: In addition to preserves in natural or olive oil, there are many other covering liquids, which gives us a great variety of options to taste. There is tomato, pickled, garlic, scallop sauce, lemon etc. This wide range allows us to prepare different recipes and dishes and makes it easier for us to eat a healthy and varied diet.


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