It’s official: Wick jeans 4 it is a success. Its history over the past decade has been that of a steadily growing phenomenon, although the premiere of this fourth part exceeded expectations; and this is partly due to the trust that has been placed in the project since its inception. The public loves the character of Keanu Reeves, and that just means neither they nor Lionsgate are ready to say goodbye.

The fourth installment has a parting flavor that many people haven’t yet been able to decipher, and while neither its protagonist nor its producer are clear about it, it might already be resolved. The film’s worldwide receipts have already doubled its $70 million budget, prompting one of Lionsgate’s top producers to weigh in on continuing the saga.

the american medium The Hollywood Reporter echoes the words of Joe Drake, who directly stated that Wick jeans 5 It is already at the center of the debate. Obviously the resounding success of this episode leaves no doubt that a lawsuit could lead to some of that impact, so clearly they have to get to work. Of course, it’s not yet final.

“There’s a will and we’re receptive. And that ending can certainly be interpreted in different ways,” the producer told the Web, leaving Wick’s fate up in the air in his own universe. From there, give one of lime and another of sand: “We’re all going to rest here for a bit, and then we’ll think about whether there’s a credible way to get to part five. But there’s no guarantee.”

Initially, franchise plans John Wick were to simultaneously record their fourth and fifth films, although the development and creation of the already released ending made it clear that one was enough. In fact, the very plot of the film makes it clear that Wick no longer has any open fronts, especially against his enemies from the first film.

To all this rain of possibilities, Drake makes a relevant point: “Keanu and Chad (Stahelski) are rightly very protective and never bother the audience. So we certainly have a lot of work ahead of us…Keanu is so loved, in addition to his character, that he hasn’t lost it.” comment.

It is obvious that Wick is one of the characters that has marked the career of the American the most, so it would not be surprising if he wanted to reward these loyal viewers who have promoted the phenomenon since 2014 with yet another episode. … Or maybe, leaving it on top to prevent the quality of the saga from dropping.

Anyway, the truth is that the return of this particular bogeyman will take place in Ballerinathe next film in the saga with Ana de Armas opposite. It is assumed to take place long before the events of the first film, even if its presence is almost assured. As for the Wick universe, it’s still waiting to find out which movies and series will eventually move forward.

Wick jeans 4 It’s already in theaters.

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