What controversy was armed with the arrival of The Last of Us: Part One A computer. Imagine the movie, you’ve waited years to enjoy the game and now that you can finally buy it and it works like a charm… Well yes, that’s exactly what happened to thousands of gamers at around the world with the launch of the game in computer.

But OK, The naughty dog is aware of the problem and is already working to fix everything under the patches, The first is already available, and it really makes everything a lot more playable and enjoyable but admittedly there is still room for improvement and they promised to release a bigger patch. For the moment, I can leave you with a graphic configuration that can allow you to enjoy the game in computer there steam bridge:

Try these graphics settings for The Last of Us: Part I on PC

You must take into account that every pc is a world and you will have to modify certain parameters according to the material which you have but, a priori, it is quite optimal, thanks to torduvoxel for info:

  • V-Sync: Disabled on a screen compatible with VRR/G-Sync, alight on the contrary
  • FPS limit– Based on your screen’s native refresh rate and preferences
  • scaling mode: Nvidia DLSS on Nvidia GPUs that support it, otherwise FSR
  • Graphics preset: custom
  • animation quality: High
  • Draw distance: Half
  • Smart Object Detail Level: Alto
  • character level of detail: Alto
  • Level of detail of the environments: Alto
  • Texture Quality of Smart Objects: High
  • Character texture quality: Media
  • Environments Texture Quality: Media
  • Visual effects texture quality: High
  • texture filterings: anisotropic 16x
  • Texture Sampling Quality: Media
  • Ambient shadow quality: half
  • Directional shadow resolution: Media
  • Directional shadow distance: Media
  • image-based lighting: activated
  • Projector shadow resolution: Media
  • Spot light shadow resolution: Media
  • reflected lighting: activated
  • Screen Space Shadow Quality: disabled
  • Contact shade quality: disabled
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: disabled
  • Screen Space Reflections: activated
  • Real-time reflection quality: Disabled
  • Real-time cloud shadow reflections: disabled
  • Diffusion below the surface of the screen space: activated
  • refractive quality: medium resolution
  • depth of field: activated
  • Motion blur quality: according to personal preferences
  • Bloom Resolution: medium resolution
  • Quality of volumetric effects: Media
  • Reflection: according to personal preferences

Between this configuration and the arrival of the first patch of the game it seems that it starts to be something else, if you have the game I encourage you to try it and let us know how your experience was.

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