In this article we compile the best games to date on the Nvidia cloud gaming service.

This year the entire RTX 40 series is rolling out, so the hardware promises a lot, bringing us titles we couldn’t enjoy before or giving us a better gaming experience than the games that were already available due to improved their servers in Europe.

Players can enjoy a wide selection of games without worrying about limited space on their devices, and experience a smoother gaming experience with less connection lag thanks to the use of powerful remote servers. Cloud gaming services are an effective solution for gamers looking for a more accessible and worry-free gaming experience.

What is GeForce Now and why is it an excellent ally for those who don’t have a good PC?

GeForce NOW is a service that instantly turns your laptop, desktop, Mac, Android TV device, iPhone or iPad into the powerful gaming PC you’ve always wanted. In other words, thanks to the power of the cloud, you will be able to run any game at maximum performance on your device with a monthly subscription.

With this subscription, you will be able to play any game hosted on these systems but with the potential of the Nvidia cloud; Steam | Epic Games Store | Ubisoft login | EA Origin | GOG

Then we make you a list of some of the best games you can play under GeForce Now technology in 2023:

Labyrinth of Galleria The Moon Society

In this episode, protagonist Eureka arrives at a mysterious mansion to work where she needs to and find cursed items in a dangerous maze. To help him, you will control haunted puppets. A role-playing, strategy and adventure game that focuses on the story and makes us enjoy it as if we were children.

  • Departure date: 02/14/23
  • Genres: Role-playing, strategy and adventure
  • Metacritical score: 84
  • User rating: 8/10


In this video game we customize our hero and explore a mysterious island after the death of our companions. The main focus of the game is brutal combat with different weapons that allow us to adapt the experience to our way of playing. The exploration system allows us to reach new places with new abilities. The experience is brutal, it also has a well-built story with a lot of lore and the skill system allows us to reach new places on the mysterious island. It’s a short game that you should definitely try.

  • Departure date: 02/16/23
  • Genres: Fighting, platform, action, shooter and role-playing
  • Metacritical score: 71
  • User rating: 9/10

Read Dead Redemption

It is speculated that this open-world action-adventure game set in the Wild West -western style- could arrive between 2023 and 2024, since Stadia – where the title could be played in the cloud to date – loses his strength. Players assume the role of John Marston who is fighting for his survival and his family. Boasting a massive open world, thrilling storyline, mixed and varied combat system, the game also features online multiplayer, and is considered one of the best games of the 2010s and is still popular to this day.

  • Departure date: 26/10/18
  • Genres: Adventure and Action
  • Metacritical score: 97
  • User rating: 9/10

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an adventure game that puts us in the shoes of a Viking, it’s an open world set in England in the 9th century. It has a deep story, memorable characters, and a wide variety of side missions and activities. The combat system is challenging and we can customize our equipment and abilities to suit our playstyle. This is a highly recommended game for fans of the franchise and for those looking for an exciting adventure in a historical open world.

  • Departure date: 11/12/20
  • Genres: Adventure and Action
  • Metacritical score: 83
  • User rating: 8/10

far cry 6

The sixth installment of Far Cry developed by Ubisoft brings us a lot of action at the hands of Dani Rojas, a revolutionary who will face the dictatorial regime of Anton Castillo. The game features a rich and exciting story that tackles complex topics such as politics, freedom, and loyalty, as well as varied gameplay ranging from intense shootouts to stealth infiltration and vehicle driving. With a vast open world to explore and a wide variety of weapons and abilities to unlock. This is an adventure not to be missed as it delights fans and new players alike.

  • Departure date: 07/10/21
  • Genres: Action and Adventure
  • Metacritical score: 77
  • User rating: 6/10

Star Wars II Battlefront

The game, as its name suggests, is based on the Star Wars saga. It is a first and third person action game that offers a story and a multiplayer mode where you can fight alongside iconic characters from the saga on different planets and game modes. , it includes free and paid downloadable content that further expands the Star Wars universe. If you love movies, you will surely enjoy this great game.

  • Departure date: 31/10/05
  • Genres: Action, Shooter and Science Fiction
  • Metacritical score: 78
  • User Rating: 9/10

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world role-playing game that immerses you in an impressive futuristic and cyberpunk setting. With an exciting story and fascinating characters. The game lets you explore a detailed city and customize your character to your liking. Plus, it has an awesome soundtrack and a huge number of side missions and activities to enjoy for hours. Despite the initial technical issues, it is an exciting and highly recommended game for lovers of sci-fi and RPG genre.

  • Departure date: 10/12/20
  • Geno: Action RPG
  • Metacritical score: 86
  • User Rating: 7/10

Cartel Tycoon

This is a management game in which we must manage our own drug smuggling empire in three game modes: story, free scenario and survival. The plot is pre-made, it has quite an interesting pre-designed narrative structure with economic and logistical management mechanics, the game provides a classic resource management experience.

  • Departure date: 26/07/22
  • Genres: Simulation, Strategy and Action
  • Metacritical score: 71
  • User Rating: 7/10


This railway simulation game is highly recommended thanks to its innovation in the possibility of playing in multiplayer mode with specific roles. The interface is very realistic and offers new features such as an editor. Despite its early access, the game is of exceptional quality and has the potential to be a leader in its genre. It’s immersive, impressive and easy to learn, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it. Plus, it has a friendly and collaborative community that helps improve and grow the game over time.

  • Departure date: 01/13/23
  • Genre: Simulator
  • Note in Metacritic: Unrated
  • User rating: 9/10


Warpips is a challenging and thrilling RTS -real-time strategy game- that offers a fast learning curve and deep, intricate gameplay. This title features intense push and pull battles, which require the player to find the right combination of military units such as soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and planes to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. With exceptional skill and dexterity, the player can master the control of these military units in a real-time combat strategy environment. Warpips is an explosive mix of military tactics and adrenaline in one gaming experience, making it a must-play for fans of games like Command & Conquer and Nexus Wars.

  • Departure date: 29/04/21
  • Genres: Strategy & Action
  • Note in Metacritic: Unrated
  • User rating: 9/10

Son of the Forest

Sons of the Forest game is a masterpiece of survival games, which presents a great challenge for the player as he not only has to deal with his character’s needs but also the threats from the environment. Building a fort is a comforting task best done in company, though the hostile tribes lurking everywhere can be too troublesome. Despite this, the game offers a lot of content for the future and it is the community that fuels the games, creating their own internal dynamic. In short, it’s a great game that with company you’ll enjoy twice as much.

  • Departure date: 02/23/23
  • Genres: Survival, Horror, Action & Adventure
  • Note in Metacritic: Unrated
  • User Rating: 9/10

Survive 2

The second installment of Outlast presents a complex and dark narrative. It is a first-person horror game with awesome graphics and sound elements that increase the player’s sense of fear and tension. The game features a more aggressive approach compared to its predecessor, forcing the player to run and hide to survive in a hostile and dangerous world. It is an intense and thrilling experience for fans of the horror genre in video games.

  • Departure date: 27/03/18
  • Genres: Horror, Survival and Exploration
  • Metacritical score: 79
  • User rating: 8/10


FREE (0€)

  • basic platform
  • Standard access to game servers
  • Duration of the session 1 hour

PRIORITY (9.99€)

  • Premium Platform | RTX enabled
  • Priority access to premium servers
  • 6 hour session
  • Resolution up to 1080p and 60 fps

ULTIMATE (19.99€)

  • RTX 4080 Platform | RTX enabled
  • Exclusive access to the fastest servers
  • 8 hour session
  • Resolution up to 4k and 120 fps

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