The best companies of the year based on their games and PlayStation ranks first in the top 3

The best companies of the year based on their games and PlayStation ranks first in the top 3

Metacritic has launched its own list of developers and you will go crazy with some of them

Last year 2022 left us with a series of video games that they have nothing to envy to those that came out in previous years. So much so that last year long-awaited games after all the delays caused by the pandemic saw the light of day that for many it was almost like a reconciliation with the world of video games. Well this time Metacritic has revealed which are the 13 best companies of 2022 based on the score of their video games and the order is a lot crazier than I expected, with PlayStation in first place.

The thing is, in Metacritic, they seem to have measured different variables to place each company in its corresponding position: the average score of their video games, the percentage of good plays and bad plays and the number of plays considered exceptional. Then I leave you with the top in question from highest to lowest and the average scores of their games so you can see it with your own eyes.

Top 13 best video game companies of the year 2022

  • PlayStation: 85’6
  • Interactive Paradox: 81.8
  • Activision Blizzard: 76.5
  • Focus on entertainment: 80
  • Interactive Take-Two: 78.9
  • Capcom: 78.6
  • SEGA: 79.3
  • Annapurna Interactive: 79.2
  • Humble Games: 76.8
  • Numerical feedback: 78.3
  • red art games: 74.9
  • Nintendo: 78.6
  • Aksys Games: 77.2

I understand that PlayStation may be in the top 3 for this God of War: Ragnarök which was launched at the end of 2022 but… What about Nintendo? I don’t quite understand how the company is in a final top 13 position with titles like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 oh Splaton 3; although I guess it’s a matter of personal taste and not the average score of their games. What do you think of the top?

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