Eichiro Oda has been very curious lately about what an AI is capable of creating in the purely creative domain. This is how not so long ago you could see how the author of “A playused one of these AIs to draw some of his characters…and the result was truly hilarious. But that’s not all, now Oda-sensei wanted to take it to the next level: used an AI to create what would be the premise for a new manga arc “One Piece”.

The AI ​​waits for its moment to snatch One Piece from Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda plays with an AI to see what stories he would create for One Piece

So I leave you with the curious result that this exploration left by Oda-sensei himself (via ANN):

  • To begin with, it must be said that the author used the ChatGPT service for this experience, which ended up leaving him with two different stories for the occasion:
    • The first story tells the story of a “Shadow King” who kidnaps Chopper., and to defeat him, Robin must connect with the “Shadow Tribe” from his past. Thus, the Straw Hat Pirates manage to defeat the Shadow King with his new allies.
    • The second story tells the story of an alien who secretly lives with the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.. It turns out the alien’s planet was destroyed by an evil spaceship, and now he’s in One Piece (the AI ​​is getting a bit wrong here) to hunt his enemy. The crew decides to help her and in the process they come to an island where a witch lives. The witch wants to steal the star fragment from the alien, needed to restore the alien’s planet. Thus, the alien and the pirates unite to defeat the witch and, finally, restore the destroyed planet.
  • Although the first story did not convince Eiichiro Oda too much since it seemed ‘boring’ to him, in the case of the second story, he literally said “I will only write that!‘. Obviously, this is nothing more than a joke, since this is all a fun experiment from the team behind One Piece with no intention of using anything AI-created for the future of the franchise.

And you already know, if at some point the story of an alien appears in “One Piece”, there will be little doubt where Eiichiro Oda got his inspiration. Honestly, it’s pretty crazy how developed some AIs have been, because 10 years ago it seemed impossible to have an open application like this ChatGPT capable of creating all kinds of texts by direct command. Obviously, it’s not the same as if a human were doing it, but it’s still as amazing as it is curious.

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