The month of March arrives loaded with very powerful premieres on Movistar Plus. Now that netflix wobbles it’s the perfect time to attack and it looks like they’re taking it very seriously. Films reaching the streaming service include productions starring actors of the stature of Brad Pitt, Timothée Chalamet or Oscar Isaac.

If you are looking for an option to switch to after leaving Netflix, Movistar Plus is becoming increasingly attractive. Then I show you their March 13 Firsts you can’t take your eyes off:

High-speed train – March 3

  • This film starring brad pitt he was one of my favorites of 2022.
  • Bullet Train is a very refreshing action comedy and has an intriguing plot.
  • Also, the rest of the cast is very memorable, with characters that defy genre conventions.
  • Finally, it should also be noted that it has the participation of bad bunnywhich does nothing wrong.

Men – March 5

The new film from the director of the famous Ex-Machina offers an interesting plot that explores toxic masculinity. In the film, almost all the male characters encountered by the protagonist have the same faceplayers Rory Kinnerstressing that all the attacks he suffers have the same origin: machismo.

Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Table – March 10

The new opus of the animated saga on the intrepid explorer Thaddeus Jones It’s a great option for the little ones in the house. This time it’s mummies and when an ancient spell is unleashed, Tadeo’s friends find themselves in mortal danger. To save himself, he will have to undertake a new adventure full of dangers that will take them across the world.

Dunes – March 17

  • Dune is one of those remakes that managed to capture the essence of the world it shows us.
  • This tape serves as an introduction to his universe and sets the stage for a sci-fi movie saga.
  • Timothée Chalamet demonstrates his immense talent with Oscar Isaac.
  • Finally, the staging is unbeatable, with a technical display that rivals Star Wars or The Avengers.

The Forgiven – March 18

the forgiven
  • Ralph Fiennes there Jessica Chastin lead the cast of this drama.
  • These talented performers play a wealthy couple who travel to Morocco to attend a luxurious party.
  • After accidentally killing a young local they try to hide the murder.
  • Then we see an irony exploration of the ethics and morality of these arrogant protagonists.

Other premieres of Movistar Plus in March

the beast
  • Ahead of you – March 7.
  • Death, death, death – March 11.
  • Between Life and Death – March 19.
  • Ali & Ava – March 21.
  • Mom not in Redes – March 22.
  • The Beast – March 24.
  • South – March 26.
  • My God, what have you done to us? – March, 31st.

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