‘I’m Georgina’ already has a release date for its second season on Netflix

‘I’m Georgina’ already has a release date for its second season on Netflix

We admit it: we watched Georgina’s reality show in one go. We couldn’t stop looking! And it is that the influencer, who is followed by 40 million people in the networks, showed a face that we did not know. His phrases, videos and WhatsApp group with his friends made thousands of people fall in love in his first season. Now, almost a year later, Netflix has announced the release date for the second one.

This same Thursday, March 2, the streaming platform announced the broadcast date of the second season of the reality show I am Georgina: and you don’t have to wait long! On March 24, all chapters will be released.

What will the new season be about?

The second season of I’m Georgina will focus on the change of scenery of the model. And he’s moving from Manchester to Dubai. Recall that his partner, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, signed for a team from the United Arab Emirates this season. Additionally, Georgina will also be heading to Lapland and the Latin Grammys this season.

As the press release talks about this new batch of episodes, Georgina “had the best and the worst time of her life”.

Produced by Komodo Studio, I am Georgina It has become one of the big TV reveals of 2022, giving us some iconic moments. And it is that the model has surprised the public with some of his phrases.

A very fun promo

For the promo of the second season, Georgina and her team shot a very funny video. We see the different facets of the media star: from her motherhood to her love for sport, through her model profile.

In addition, references to the first season are not lacking. We are left with that moment when a suitcase is opened and a dozen vacuum-packed sausages appear. And it is that in the first episodes of the reality show, Georgina bought kilos and kilos of sausages from the town of Graus, revealing that she is a big lover of sausages.

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