Over the past few weeks I have heard and read that james gunn would have thought of Ana de Armas like the new wonder woman for the cinematographic and television universe that he is preparing under the name of DC Studios. The producer wants us to forget the DC Extended Universe and it already works on a reboot. Now well… What would Wonder Woman look like if her interpreter was Ana de Armas?

AI imagines Ana de Armas as Wonder Woman

It is said that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) she’s going to put me out of work for the next few years, so I’m taking advantage of her to imagine what Wonder Woman would look like if Ana de Armas played the character. And the result you have under these lines.

Ana de Armas as Wonder Woman according to AI

It’s not that he worked hard, but the AI ​​gives us a pretty realistic montage of what it would look like wonder woman if it was Ana de Armas your interpreter, instead of Gal Gadot. If I’m honest, the result seems brutal to me despite the fact that the Artificial Intelligence simply placed the performer’s face on the superheroine of CC. What do you think?

Ana de Armas Rumored as Future Wonder Woman

It is obvious that the DC Extended Universe will cease to be as we have known it since the flash (courtesy of Aquaman 2). This film will work as a reboot to set the stage for all that is already underway under the tutelage of james gunn. And one of the craziest rumors to appear on social media was the possibility that Ana de Armas is Wonder Woman.

Far from being silent, the actress of Spanish-Cuban origin confided in this possible new character in an interview with WIRED: “I actually think Gal Gadot has done a great job and I think she should continue to do that”. For her, Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot and she does not see herself in a position to replace the Israeli interpreter. Does that mean we won’t see Ana de Armas as Gal Gadot? Who knows…

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