He April 22, 2003 premiered on Telecinco the first chapter of the Serranos, a series which would mark several generations, which would not forget its intrigues, nor its characters, even less its end.

For this reason, that same April 22, the first Mediaset channel announced a special for the 20th anniversary of its premiere.

In this way, months of rumors about the possible reunion of the protagonists, which had been confirmed by both Fran Perea and Antonio Resines, were settled, but they still had no date or place. Thus, it is official that Telecinco will be in charge of offering the following special programming:

The channel will broadcast the first chapter of the series, when the characters played by Belen Rueda, Veronica and Natalia Sanchezthey will live with Resines, Perea, Victor Elias and Jorge Jurado.

In addition, there will be a reunion of one of the protagonists – as recently experienced between Alejo Sauras and Alexandra Jiménez – and even a musical moment with some of them. As well as a series marathon on the FDF channel.

All that remains is to specify the schedule for this entire special.

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