The 2023 tax season is coming to an end.

“This year, the deadline to file the tax return is April 18, 2023. But if someone needs an extension or more time to file their taxes, they can do it before October 16, 2023,” said Octavio Saenz, spokesman for the Internal Revenue. department (IRS).

However, the IRS has extended the deadline for California residents, who have been affected by the storms, have until October 16 to file without having to request an extension. Individuals eligible for this extension must live in one of the counties designated as a disaster area by FEMA.

Saez recalled that “the extension or this postponement is to file the tax return, not to pay. If you have a debt, it must be paid by April 18, so there are no penalties or other fines.

Common mistakes when filing taxes

There are many types of tax return errors that can cause headaches or even lead to penalties.

“The most common are the simplest, these are errors like something as simple as a math error, a tax return error, an incorrect social security or bank account number, and even unsigned forms. “, said Saenz.

That’s why one of the tips from the IRS spokesperson is to “file electronically because it ultimately helps do the math for you and tells the taxpayer if there’s any information missing.”

Finally, it is important that, if you need help, you seek advice from competent people. “When you do your taxes, have all your paperwork in order and go with someone reputable,” Saenz said.

In addition, he assured that it is important to be “be careful with these phantom preparers, I am talking about people who suddenly appear in a place, offer them the sun and the stars and in the end they do not do a good job” . Saenz said.

However, the IRS spokesperson said, “Most tax preparers do a good job, but beware of anyone who tells you you can get more of a refund when, as I say, it is what it is”.

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