Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Samurott Tera’s Best Raid Counters

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Samurott Tera’s Best Raid Counters

Samurott will appear for a limited time in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a Tera Raid encounter. This raid won’t last long, and you’ll want to do everything you can to catch this Pokemon while you have the chance. It’s going to be a seven-star raid encounter, which means you’ll want to bring the best Pokemon you need to use against it. Here’s what you need to know about the best Pokemon to counter the Samurott Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Beat Samurott Tera Raids in Scarlet & Violet

It is important to note that Samurott for these raids will be Bug type. You don’t want to go for traditional Pokemon that are super effective against Water-types, like Electric- and Grass-types. Instead, you need to be prepared for Water and Bug-type moves. This means you’ll also want to run Pokémon that take advantage of this Bug-type weakness, such as Fire, Flying, and Rock-type attacks.

Although, since Samurott is originally a Water-type and has access to these attacks, Fire- and Rock-type Pokémon may be frowned upon, leaving you to choose Flying-type options exclusively.

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Best Pokemon counters for Samurott

If they are better suited for this moveset, here are some of the best options you should anticipate against Samurott: Gyarados, Salamence, Dragonite, Pelipper, Noivern, Clodsire, Koraidon, and Altaria.

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Gyarados is a Water and Flying type Pokemon, and it has the Intimidate ability which it can use against Samurott in battle. As a Water-type, he won’t have much trouble surviving any Water-type Samurott can use, and he has the flexibility to deal a lot of damage against an Insect-type. Some of the best attacks you should expect to use include Hurricane, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Dragon Dance, or Stone Edge.

Next we have Pelipper, another water and flying type. He has many of the same benefits as Gyarados, but he won’t be able to use the Intimidate ability. Instead, you’ll want to select one with Keen Eye or Rain Dish, which could boost your health if you or an ally activates the Heavy Rain effect. The best moves to teach your Pelipper will be Tailwind, Wing Attack, Acrobatics, Air Cutter, or Hurricane.

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When it comes to using Salamence, there are some advantages here, especially as a Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon. Salamence has the same benefits as other water types and has the Intimidate ability. Alternatively, if you’re betting against your allies, you can always use one that has access to Moxie. When it comes to choosing the best moves, our recommendations include Flamethrower, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Tailwind, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, or Hurricane.

These are the three main Pokemon we want to highlight for this raid, but here’s a breakdown of what kind of moves you can teach the other Pokemon we’ve recommended for this raid encounter.

  • Dragonite: Hurricane, Roost, Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Fire Punch, Tailwind and Flamethrower
  • Noivern: Wing Attack, Air Cutter, Tailwind, Hurricane, Acrobacias, Aerial Ace, Lanzallamas, Heat Wave y Sunny Day
  • Clodsire: Rock Tomb, Rock Slide, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Stone Edge, Venoshock (junto con Poison Jab) and Poison Tail
  • Koraidon: Ancient Power, Flamethrower, Flare Barrage, Fire Fang, Sunny Day, Heat Wave, Fire Burst, and Acrobatics
  • Altaria: Air Strike, Acrobatics, Air Ace, Fire Spin, Wisp, Tailwind, Flamethrower, Fire Burst, and Hurricane

By defeating Samurott, all participants will have a chance to catch this Pokemon. However, it’s important to note that you can only catch a Samurott from Scarlet & Violet. You will not be able to catch a Samurott if you have already caught one during this event.


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