Mexican actress and singer Tania Mendoza was shot to death on Tuesday afternoon in Cuernavaca, Morelos, in central Mexico.

The crime was committed in front of her son, under the age of 11, according to the Morelos state police.

The events occurred in the Felinos sports unit, in the Lomas de Cortés neighborhood, where the artist had taken her son to train soccer.

According to versions of the Police, two subjects on a motorcycle arrived at the scene, one of them got out of the vehicle and shot her in the face, and then fled.

After the crime, a security operation was deployed in the area to locate those responsible, but so far neither those responsible have been found nor detained for this fact.

Who was Tania Mendoza

Tania Mendoza was known as ‘The Queen of the South’ for her role in the 2005 film of that name. She also participated in some soap operas and television programs and some plays.

As a singer, Mendoza recorded five albums of mariachi, norteño and grupero genres.

In 2010, Mendoza was kidnapped along with her husband and son and reported death threats at the time.

The body of the singer was recognized by her husband, according to the Police.

Until this Wednesday, the causes of the attack as well as the identity of the attackers are unknown.

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