Taco Bell continues to resurrect its menu items that fans miss. After 10 years of absence, the Enchirito will be back very soon.

The restaurant chain had customers vote from September 27 to October 6 on whether the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito should be back. More than 760,000 votes were counted, 62% of customers who voted through the Taco Bell mobile app chose the Enchirito.

The Enchirito is a dish that was introduced in 1970 but was removed from the Taco Bell menu in 2013. The Enchirito is a version of the enchilada and a hybrid of the burrito that was originally made with a corn tortilla.

The Enchirito formula changed when the corn tortilla was replaced by a flour one. It is a rolled flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, refried beans and onions which is then dipped in red sauce, covered with grated cheese and heated until top cheese is melted.

The Double Decker Taco first appeared on the Taco Bell menu in 1995, became a permanent menu item in June 2006, and was removed 13 years later. It is a traditional crunchy taco, wrapped in a flour tortilla with layers of beans.

The return of the Enchirito is temporary, it will only be on the menu for two weeks, from November 17 to 30.

“Taco Bell considers it a win every time the brand is able to engage directly with its fans and looks forward to fan reactions to the return item when it launches next month,” a company representative said.

The great return of Mexican pizza

The most anticipated return for Taco Bell fans, including Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, was the Mexican pizza.

Consisting of two crispy flour tortillas topped with beans, pizza sauce, beef, tomatoes, and melted cheese, Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza debuted in 1985 and was a Taco Bell staple.

In 2020, Mexican pizza has been removed from the Taco Bell menu. The public response against the decision to remove pizza from the menu was so strong that the marketing team indicated that it was a product that had to be reintroduced.

Mexican pizza had its triumphant return on September 15right on the date of the maximum celebration of the Mexican national holidays.

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