The end of the second season of Sweet Tooth answered many questions that audiences had about TV fiction, while creating completely new ones for the future of the series. Throughout its 8 episodes, the second season of Sweet Tooth focused on the imprisonment of Gus at the hands of General Abbot, as well as the efforts to save it and use it to produce a cure for mankind. This caused suspense even among comic book fans.

Move away from the source material series uncertainty increased. To make audiences even more fond of Gus and the collection of lovable characters who have supported him throughout the season. That being said, the fact that Sweet Tooth’s second season finale had to end so much storyline – and some characters as well – actually easier to miss some details regarding the overall story of the series finale.

the trip to alaska

  • the band of Gus agrees to travel to Alaska to find Birdie..
  • In total, three different factions made the decision to go to the freezing place: Birdie, Gus’ group and Dr. Aditya Singh.
  • That’s because that’s where it all started, both for the hybrids and for the virus.
  • Although Birdie knows the most, even she doesn’t know the whole story of microbes who ultimately created life and brought death.
Little Gus made some new allies in season two.

It seems likely that Ms. Zhang and her group also travel to Alaska in search of Gus., since they obtained Singh’s audio tape and, therefore, evidence that put them on his trail. It should also allow a increased prominence of Ms. Zhang and her own factionwhich has only been shown briefly in Sweet Tooth Season 2 so far.

The meaning of Dr. Singh’s vision

doctor singh
Dr. Singh will be crucial in the third season.

When he wanders through the purple flowers that gave Gus his vision, Dr. Singh has his own vision that convinces him to go to Alaska. The vision shows him carrying Gus to a snowy area, approaching a cave, and then smiling. It should be noted that the cave is very similar to the one Gus sees in his own vision, suggesting that they are both dreaming of the exact same place. In the comics, some of the biggest reveals about the protagonist happen in a similar setting.

Does Gus have any powers?

season 2 sweet tooth the deer boy
While fighting Abbot, something seems to awaken in Gus.
  • During the final confrontation with Douglas Abbot, Gus seems able to summon a group of bison that trample the villain until I kill him.
  • Although this could be interpreted as a normal shoving, it suggests that the little one has powers.
  • Moreover, the young hybrid claims that something in the cave where his mother was was calling him.
  • it also seems miraculously heals after being impaled with a crossbow bolt.
  • So all these signs point to Gus has a kind of special connection with nature itself.

Is Ms. Zhang the new main villain of Sweet Tooth?

sra zhang
Ms. Zhang seems to have a twisted plan.

In the final scene of Sweet Tooth season 2, we see Ms. Zhang receiving the recording from Dr. Singh. After listening to him, he says: “I’ll have to take care of it myself”, then turns around to feed mysterious enclosed creatures with raw meat. In this way it seems that the creepy doctor and his “boys” are a very dangerous threat to Gus in season three. Most likely, what’s in the boxes are the Wolf Brothers, one of the main threats in the original comics.

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